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Frank “Papa” Mena Wins Lawsuit Against Indira Mejia

Former Minister of State and Dangriga Area Representative, Frank “Papa” Mena was accused of conning two businessmen of their investments in Recological Systems Limited, but the person who made those allegations is paying a pretty penny tonight. During a press conference on April 15, 2021, Indira Mejia also alleged that Mena used the power of his office to obtain prime national land for himself. In May, Mena took Mejia to court and because she was unable to substantiate the claims she made, the court has ordered her to pay sixty thousand dollars for defaming Mena. In addition, she is to pay another twenty thousand dollars for aggravated damages. Love News spoke to Mena via telephone this afternoon for a reaction to the ruling.

Mena said that it was a difficult and embarrassing situation for him and his family and he hopes that this case make people aware that egregious errors of this sort cannot be allowed to slide.

Frank “Papa” Mena,Former Minister of State and Dangriga Area Representative: ” I am clueless.* When people don’t know they make their own assumption and I can’t spend my time figuring out how people craft their stupidity. It’s just, I have time but I don’t have time for that. See how people sit back, lay back, whatever they do, swing in a hammock and craft stupidity I don’t know and it’s a lesson for the general public that whatever you do get ready to pay it’s as simple as that. If you know the truth as long as I know the truth it doesn’t matter what is being said. So from the very start I decided to look at the entire interview with my family because I know what is being said is garbage and I don’t think embarrassment is the word I don’t know what to say. It’s sad that people would quickly align themselves with it and because somebody wants to see you down and agree with it but it’s my responsibility to ensure that I take care of me and I am grateful to Right Honorable Dean Barrow for taking up the case and we had a number of meetings and I laid everything on the table. I couldn’t figure – my interest was to ensure that the port opens and what came out of that and all the isms and schisms wasn’t my interest, make the port open and my good intent they turn into whatever they wanted to turn then this is my recourse. The lady came hard at me and so I’m going hard for my compensation and so I’m going to do what I got to do to ensure we get what we rightly deserve because she must be taught a lesson and all those involved in it must be taught a lesson.  You just can’t get up one morning and talk through the other parts of your body and expect that – but I don’t live my life on that I carry on normal. Praise God that I’m alive and well so let’s go law.”

Mejia was also ordered not to publish or disseminate the same or similar defamations against Mena. She is also pay interest of six percent per annum from the date of the broadcast. Justice Lisa Shoman presided over the case while Mena was represented by his former boss, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow.