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Franklin Is Coming …

Tropical storm Franklin is aiming for Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula but winds and rainfall will be affecting the northern part of Belize from Belize City to Corozal. Currently, a hurricane watch and tropical storm warnings are in effect along the Yucatan and a tropical storm warning remains in effect in Belize. At around five o’clock this evening, Tropical Storm Franklin was located at 18.6 degrees north, 85.9 degrees west. That positions the storm at about 170 miles east northeast of Belize City. It currently has maximum sustained winds of 60 miles per hour moving to the North West at 13 miles per hour. It is expected to make landfall north of Chetumal City, Mexico, and it could reach hurricane strength before then. Meteorologist Ronald Gordon told us what to expect in Belize.


The impact that we can expect from Franklin in Belize is that we will have the possibility of tropical storm force winds affecting the northern parts of the country including San Pedro and the Corozal district and possibly the Orange Walk district. We can also expect heavy rainfall to continue affecting the country especially the north of the country. It is already occurring we have the north receiving rainfall and it will continue throughout the night. Tomorrow the rainfall is going to decrease a bit but we still expect most areas of the country to continue receiving moderate rainfall and after the system has moved into the Bay of Campeche and we have that southerly wind behind the system we expect moisture to come up from the Pacific area and that is going to cause heavy rainfall to occur especially at night time over the south.”


The major concerns for the storm is rainfall and you have storm surges what is the concern for Belize or what should Belize be more concerned about?”


Well for this particular system the rainfall is going to be the biggest threat. Storm surge is not significant because the system is going to make landfall north of the country therefore we are going to be having winds from the west or from the land out to see so storm surge will not be a threat; the only minimal or let me say the minor possibility is that we can have a weak storm surge from the west over the islands but that will be fairly minimal so the storm surge is not a threat with this particular storm the most significant threat with this storm is heavy rainfall. That heavy rainfall may lead to flash flooding especially over hilly terrain. We can also expect low lying flooding to occur over areas that are along the coast including Belize City there is a possibility of flooding in the city and other low lying area.”

Franklin became a storm on Sunday night in the western Caribbean. It is the sixth named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season. After making landfall tonight, Franklin is expected to head into the Bay of Campeche and then make a second landfall Thursday in eastern Mexico.