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Fraudsters try to make money in the name of 11 year old Shooting Victim

The family of Kyron Green is privately raising funds to have him airlifted out of the country to receive medical treatment. On May seventeenth, the 11 year old standard four student was shot in the face by a stray bullet inside a store on Central American Boulevard in Belize City. He has suffered paralysis as a result of that injury but the Saint Luke Methodist school student is showing signs of improvement. That’s what his uncle Leroy Green told us this evening. However, Kyron’s grand uncle wanted to notify the public that there were individuals going around lying to the public and claiming to be raising funds on the family’s behalf. Green said that’s not true and no one should give any money to these fraudsters.

Leroy Green – Grand Uncle of Kyron Green: “I am sure you have heard about eleven-year-old Kyron Green that was shot in I don’t remember the name of the shop at Central American Boulevard about three weeks ago. He is actually my grand nephew, he is the grandson of my younger brother. Unfortunately, Kyron’s actual father was shot some years ago in the very same circumstances and that murder has been totally unsolved. However, that is not really relevant to what is happening now. We have received reports of people going around with solicitation papers and raffle papers saying that they are working on behalf of the green family, really on behalf of Kyron soliciting funds for his medical expenses. We the Green, the Usher and the Belisle families which to state categorically that we have authorized no such person to collect funds on Kyron’s behalf, neither has Kyron’s school, St. Luke whose names have also been mentioned in the solicitation process. Ironically the first report we got was actually from my brother Griffith who works at Heritage Bank and who is the grandfather of the child, the person approached him saying he was collecting money on behalf of Kyron not knowing he was actually talking to the grandfather of the child. This afternoon I got a message from a friend who works at my cable company who said that he had just given a donation to a dark skin bald headed guy who was selling raffles on Kyron’s behalf. We wish to state again that neither of the families involved has authorized any such thing. It is a scam, it is a fraud and we are asking the public that if the person comes to you and you can make a quick call to the police please do it. It is far more optimistic that was first predicted, although he is still paralyzed from the neck down, he is off the machine. Actually, the doctors are identifying feeling in his left side so we are advised that if we can get him out of the country to get the operation there is a possibility he might recover somewhat. We are hoping and we know that he is supposed to be released this Friday from the hospital and we are making all preparations for him to get the care that he needs at home.”