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Freak Accident Kills Ovan Ferguson in Northern Belize

A man died yesterday evening in Orange Walk Town as a result of a traffic mishap along the Chan Pine Ridge/Yo Creek feeder road. Police say that one Reginald Rowley was driving a 1998 Mazda Pickup which was hauling trailer when Ovan Ferguson, fell out of the pickup truck and was crushed by the wheels of the trailer. Commanding Officer, Superintendent Selvin Tillett shared more details.


“Whilst towing a 2009 black trailer and travelling on the BSI Chan Pine Ridge Road in the Orange Walk District towards the Yo Creek Road and when reaching about three quarter miles away from the Yo Creek road one person known as Ovan Ferguson was sitting on the pan of the pick up by the tailgate, he got up and attempted to walk to the front and lost control, he lost his balance and fell of the pick up and the wheel of the trailer ran over Mr. Ferguson. He was seen with cut wounds to the right elbow, and was bleeding from the mouth. The body was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.”

Reporter: Was the driver charged?


We are dealing with it as an accident and we will consult with the DPP for further information if any charges will be levied against the driver.”


Ferguson was commonly referred to as “Shugga” in Orange Walk Town.