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Freak storm, downed trees and damaged properties

This weekend saw a lot of rain across the country. In Punta Gorda the rain came with some force and a freak storm destroyed a house last night. Paul Mahung has the story.
Paul Mahung, Love FM:Owner of the damaged house Beatrice Bo who lives in another nearby building spoke of the incident.”
Beatrice Bo, Homeowner: “Sunday night about 8:30 when the strong breeze was on a big mahogany tree was in between my two houses and suddenly I heard a big noise, when I looked out the window I saw the big mahogany tree had dropped. It lifted up one of my houses because the roots were under the house. One person was in it but nothing happened to her and she was safe. I went and reported the matter to the Forestry Department and they said that they have to come and check the tree.”
Paul Mahung, Love FM: The freak storm which lasted about fifteen minutes affected a section of Far West Street where the uprooted and damaged wooden structure are located.