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Free Eyeglasses for Students in the South

Students at two high schools in Dangriga have been tested for eye-related illnesses. A corporate sponsor had decided to use its eyecare division to test the vision of students at the schools. According to Dangriga Correspondent Harry Aruz, over two dozen individuals have received free eyeglasses.

Harry Arzu: “Students attending Dellille Academy and Agriculture Natural Resources Institute are the recipients of tested eyeglasses that were presented to them during an official handing over ceremony that was held earlier today at Dellile Academy School compound. This is an initiative of UNICOMER Belize which has a corporate responsibility to give back to the community it serves through its various social projects. Love News was at the event and spoke with Crystal Carballo who represents UNICOMER Belize.

Crystal Carballo: “This project is called Brighter View, it’s a partnership with Courts Optical so what we have decided is that since last year of October and November we have been visiting screening schools all over the country and we have come here to Dangriga and we swinged out to two high schools, we swinged out to Delille and and ANRI. What we did on our aim is that we had to target students that are in need financially and we had screens so coming to the school we had screened all the students and statistically out of every one hundred students you screen on an eye test you get 20% that would need glasses so screening Dellile and ANRI throughout the entire school of Dellile we had screened over with almost one hundred students and out of all of them we got over 25 students that are in need of eyeglasses.

Harry Arzu: More over the students were excited about their gifts and were willing to express themselves.

Recipient: “I can’t see through my right eye so clearly so the professional asked if I had needed to wear glasses before and I told him no so he directed me to a lady which asked me to try on some glasses and then she told me I needed glasses.

Reporting for Love News from Dangriga I am Harry Arzu.

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