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Friends for Conservation gets new ride to assist in their conservation works

Friends for Conservation and Development is a non-governmental and a nonprofit organization, which means that most of its funding is generated through sponsorships and fundraising. Belize Diesel and Equipment Limited realizes the important work that FCD does. With that in mind, the company led a fundraising campaign to have a 2018 Toyota Hilux donated to the FCD. Operations Manager Ryan Marin handed over the keys of the vehicle to FCD Executive Director Rafael Manzanero this afternoon.

Ryan Marin – Operations Manager: “Traditionally the FCD has been a fan of using Toyota vehicles their very first vehicle in the fleet was a Toyota Hilux that they called the jumping viper or something of that effect and so that vehicle has lived its life in the Chiquibul and as you know that terrain is very harsh so after some big bills were given to the FCD for some of the repairs we decided that it was time for them to get a new vehicle and so the effort was made to gather everybody’s support and to create awareness of what exactly is going on in the Chiquibul and all the challenges that the FCD faces and the need for a vehicle to be able to respond to all these reports of encroachments because really and truly this is a national issue and we need to put the resources there for the people to manage it accordingly.”

Friends for Conservation & Development Representative: “The vehicle is going to end up in the area either for mobilization of staff the moving of people from one area to the next. It will not be able to go into the distant areas because not even tractors can reach to the remote areas of the Chiquibul so a lot of the work there is actually more through hiking to reach into these places but this is really one of those mobilizing people from point a to point b.”

The 2018 Toyota Hilux has a market value of eighty thousand dollars.