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Friends of Ladyville Gives Patrol Vehicle to Police

Today Courtenay Coye LLP in conjunction with Friends of Ladyville handed over a vehicle to Ladyville Police in the Rural Eastern Division. In a short ceremony this morning, Attorney Chris Coye says the division is constrained by limited resources and he hopes the new addition to the precinct’s fleet will boost police presence in the area.


“This division is comprised roughly of 121 officers who are responsible to police an area covering almost twenty percent of the entire country, over sixteen hundred square miles including thirty two villages and over twenty thousand people. As for vehicles, this police division is equipped with a grand total of six vehicles and six motorcycles. Compare that with Belize City, an area of roughly five square miles and around seventy thousand residents. Belize City has around seven hundred officers and approaching fifty vehicles and fifty motorcycles in its fleet. That translates to one officer for every one hundred residents compared to rurals, one officer for nearly every two hundred residents. As for geographic coverage, with seven hundred officers, Belize City has roughly one hundred forty officers per square mile while rural has the reverse as one officer for every thirteen square miles. As for vehicle coverage, Belize City has close to ten vehicles per square mile while rural has one vehicle for every two hundred and seventy square mile that this division is responsible for. In short, with due respect, speaking as a resident of Ladyville, the resource allocation to the Rural Eastern Division is dismal. We expect that with this addition, the police will be available to assign vehicles to smaller areas including to Ladyville specifically to do more patrols more regularly with a view to crime prevention but at the same time to allow for more rapid response. At its essence with this new addition we’re hopeful that crime in our community will see a downward trend and that our little piece of the jewel will be a safer place to live.”

The donation increases the division’s fleet to seven mobiles. ACP Edward Broaster, Officer in Charge of the Rural Eastern Division says the donation will definitely help improve response time and patrols in the division.


“When you look at the Rural Eastern Division as Mr. Coye had quite outlined it is a vast area. We have response in several villages and when our vehicle resources is away in a village tending to the needs of the community in that area and another need arises in another area, they have to practically wait until we are done with another assignment to respond to their needs so it is no doubt this donation by Courtney Coye and Friends of Ladyville comes at an opportune time. It will definitely serve the needs of the community and improve on the response time and improve on the patrols that will be implemented in the area. I want to say that this didn’t just come like Mana from heaven, I believe that the relationship that we have developed within the community with the residents and the programs that we have implemented that are seen by the community, that is what led to Mr. Coye looking at assisting us in donating this vehicle. I really from the bottom of my heart want to thank you and I assure you that the men and women from Rural Eastern Division will take good care of this vehicle and ensure it is put to good use.”

The price tag on the vehicle is twenty eight thousand dollars and a check for that amount was handed over to Caribbean Motors during the ceremony this morning.