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From Drinking to Arguing to Murder in Salvapan

While we were preparing to air our evening news last Friday, December 16, a murder was in the making in Belmopan.  We hear  more in this report from our correspondent, Fem Cruz.


“Based on information received of a stabbing incident on Friday December 16th sometime around 5:45pm on Guyana Street in the Salvapan area of Belmopan Love News visited the Western Regional Hospital Emergency Ward and saw the lifeless body of 27 year old Freddy Cerritos, construction worker of Salvapan Belmopan with multiple stab wounds to his upper body and to the lower part of his foot. Love News understands that Freddy Cerritos better known as Pele was drinking along with his neighbor Tinez when a heated argument started between both men which resulted in the stabbing death of 27 year old Freddy Cerritos. Belmopan Special Branch personnel are looking for this suspect who they believe can assist them in their investigation.

Investigators in Belmopan have impounded a vehicle in the process of their investigation believed to be the escape transportation.  Meanwhile a wanted poster for Howard Martinez has begun circulating for the murder of Freddy Cerritos.  Martinez is a 28-year-old, Honduran national who resides on Guyana Street in Belmopan.  If you know his whereabouts you are asked to alert the authorities immediately.