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From the Attorney in the Baby Nina Custody Battle

Baby Nina Charlotte Barrera Perez was returned to her mother last week after her father was accused of psychological abuse against the girl and her mother, Analis Gutierrez. Attorney Anita Alicia Penados Cambranes who represented Gutierrez spoke about the arduous process in getting Baby Nina reunited with her mom.


“Good afternoon, viewers from our sister country, Belize. I am Attorney Anita Alicia Penados Cambranes. I am going to relate something in regards to the process of Analis Perez Gutierrez as it relates to the child Nina Charlotte Alexandra Barrera Perez. It has been a difficult process because one of the parties has not attended to tribunals and has only obstructed the process in the judicial of the child and adolescence in the Peten Department of Guatemala. And because of lack of assistance by Mr. Ernesto Barrera Guzman we have had to resource to other methods because of the psychological damage that could be produced in the mother Analis Gutierrez and the child Nina Perez. We had to file a demand against psychological abuse in the Department of Femicide and other Forms of Violence Against Women where we had a favorable result and they granted us a restraining order. Because of the restraining order we were able to locate the child and apprehend the father who is now facing justice. And although he had tried to use Guatemalan Laws against the mother, now the child is in her mother’s arms and now we will undertake a process where the child’s well-being is the priority. We believe that well-being is to be with her mother. Thank you.”

Baby Nina was taken from her mother last year when her father came to Belize and accused Analis Gutierrez of child abduction saying she removed the child from Guatemala without due permission.