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Fuel Prices Adjusted Third Time in 7 Weeks

Consumers are experiencing the third adjustment to fuel prices since the start of the fiscal year 2017/2018.  As at midnight last night premium fuel has jumped the eleven dollar mark going from ten dollars and fifty eight cents to eleven dollars and four cents.  Regular fuel remains the same at ten dollars and twenty six cents while diesel went down by three cents, now putting it at nine dollars and thirty five cents per gallon.  Kerosene remains at five dollars and seventy four cents.  At the start of the fiscal year, regular fuel was at nine dollars and seventy nine cents; premium fuel was at ten dollars and seventy nine cents while diesel was at nine dollars and eleven cents.  In the last seven weeks, premium fuel has been the most impacted with an overall increase of one dollar and twenty five cents.  Regular has seen an overal adjustment of forty seven cents in the last seven weeks while diesel has been adjusted by twenty four cents.