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Fuel prices fluctuates; BPP calls on GOB to protect ‘poor people’

The price for regular fuel decreased on Saturday. The price for a gallon of gasoline is now eleven dollars and two cents, thirty three cents less. All other prices for the other fuels remain the same. Many entities have made calls to the Government to decrease fuel tax and review and reshape its fuel tax strategy. In a response, the Government said that if it does lower fuel tax, millions of dollars in revenue will be lost, affecting the functionality of several ministries and government organizations. Today, the Belize Progressive Party, BPP, held a press conference at their headquarters in Belize City where they spoke of several issues of national importance including the price of fuel and the cost of living. Acting Secretary General for the BPP, George Myvette, emphasized the party’s position.


Geroge Myvette, Ag. Sec. Gen. BPP: We’ll be asking the Government to do all that it can to hold back the cost of living on the poor. We are asking the Government of Belize to contain the cost of fuel because as we know transportation is really not a luxury anymore. If you drive your car, it’s not just to go visit a relative and it’s not just in relation to leisure. If you drive a car, it’s really a functional way of getting work, if you a drive a car it’s a functional way of getting goods throughout the country to support the economy. We believe that really the Government needs to do more because among other things, more than half of the cost of gasoline for example and fuel in general is as a result of taxes. This situation is so because the economy of Belize has been in trouble, the economy of Belize has stagnated.


As of midnight tonight, the price of premium gasoline will increase by four cents and will be sold for eleven dollars and seventy one cents per gallon.

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