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Fultec Systems celebrates anniversary with IT summit

Fultec Systems is celebrating its twenty third Anniversary. Bjana Smith-Bradley, Operation Manager for Fultec Systems spoke about the anniversary celebrations and the IT Summit that they are hosting. Strategic partners joined with Fultec and are present at the summit to give updates about the newest technologies and how these partners have contributed to not only Fultec but also ther consumers.

Bjana Smith Bradley – Operation Manager, Fultec

“We’ve invited some of our strategic partners to come to the summit and talk about the latest trends and changes in the technology industry. We’ve been kind enough and fortunate enough to have representatives from HP and Dell, from APC, from Clip, to come and talk to our invitees and let them know what the latest trends in technology are and what is new. We’ve been also fortunate enough for these partners to offer us huge discounts which we pass on to the end users.”

Luis Garcia a representative of Klip Xtreme and Nexxt Solutions. He explained why the company is here and the relationship they have had with Belize, supporting Fultec.

Luis Garcia – Representative, Klip Xtreme

“So both of our countries here are representing the value that we have in Fultec systems in Belize as well as being our business partner for the past twelve years. They asked us to participate in their 23 year anniversary of their shop and we were glad to come and participate with them here in Belize. We’ve been supplying them with our products for the last twelve years as well as great warranty, great products and more importantly servicing the community here in Belize.”

Another business partner from the power solution company APC by Schneider Electric, Jenieve Simmons explains how their company is associated with Fultec and what their plans at the IT Summit are today.

Jenieve Simmons – Representative, APC by Schneider Electric

“We’re here because Fultec is one of our best and biggest partners in Belize and we came out to support and really just talk to the IT people, present what’s new, what’s available for them, how they can improve their operations, what they can do to protect the expensive equipment they have in their server rooms and data centres. I’m actually presenting on the solutions that we offer as well as talking about the partnership between Fultec so that the end customer understands that everything is available through them and they have the manufacturer’s support for services through them