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Fun Day for the Special Children

The Inspiration Center is holding its family fun day today at their resource center where they provide services for children with special needs. There were fun events for the parents and children that attend the center. Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis-Barrow spoke of the beneficiaries of the centre.


Special Envoy for women and children, Kim Simplis Barrow, spoke with us about the impact the center has made in the lives of the children.


Marisela Craig, a primary school teacher at Belize Elementary School,  mother of three year old Zayne Craig who has Down Syndrome spoke with us about her child’s condition and the assistance he has received from the Inspiration Center and the challenges their family face.


Little Zayne is defying Down Syndrome, meeting all his milestones and keeping on par with children his age. His mother told us he enrolled in preschool last year, says his mother. The Center has been functional since April of 2014 and provides services for around five hundred children, half of those are from the Belize District.