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Fun In Phonics for Infants

The Quality Assurance and Development Services (QUADS) in the Ministry of Education spearheaded a book launch this morning at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City.  The 87-page book is dubbed, My Bee Zee Phonics and is a workbook for Infant One students.  BZ Phonics 2According to Lurleen Betson-Gamboa, Education Officer for the Early Childhood and Literacy Unit, the book seeks to improve a child’s learning foundation.


“It’s a workbook and it’s only workbook one that we are launching today so we have intentions of doing workbook two and the purpose of the book is trying to assist teachers in getting them to be able to teach phonics but not only teach phonics but let it be in a fun way so this text is very multisensory in the sense that we use a lot of rhymes, we use jingles and fun activities to bring across the concept of phonics so that students understand that they need to learn the sounds of the letters and the names of the letters but the way the text introduces the sounds and the names of the letters makes it fun and we all know that when children are having fun and they are learning they take interest in it and therefore the book will assist students. It’s a workbook for students but the tool is going to assist teachers in making literacy fun.”

While Phonics is nothing new to the classroom, Love News asked Betson of new strategies being implemented through this publication.


“What is new is basically it’s Belizean based so all the characters are snakes, tapirs and things that the children are familiar with in terms of animals. We also utilize stories that give setting of Belize so not only are our students learning phonics and learning the concept of phonics but we are also linking it to the social studies aspect in that they are learning about Belize on a whole so that is what is new about the text.”

The book will be introduced to the schools nationwide in the upcoming school year.