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Is Funding for UNIBAM Affected by Trump?

Since US President Donald Trump had tweeted anti-gay sentiments regarding transgender people serving in the military, it cast doubt as to whether the US State Department via the US Embassy in Belize would continue to be supportive of UNIBAM. The Trump administration has sent a new Charge d Affairs but Orozco believes that nothing will change regarding funding they receive from their partners abroad.

Caleb Orozco Executive Director, UNIBAM: Many things you aren’t aware like the OLES and ONLY Policy and advocacy LGBT Organization in this country is that we have strong transnational framework that we work with and the U.S. is not the only government with engage regarding LGBT issues. I could add Canada, I could add the European Union, I could add the UK government and part of that process really is to leverage those political engagements behind the scenes for actual interventions or commitment of resources and so on and so on. With regards to the Trump administration I have come to accept that Trump will be Trump and his position will consistently reflect his base of Republican voters who believe in what his position is but I am reminded over and over again that there is difference between the public persona of a Head of State and the internal practices of the Foreign Affairs mechanism of a state. An internal practices of the Foreign affairs for a particular state. It re enforces one basic principle; the respect for rule of law doesn’t change and so while the visible support or the substantial support or the concrete support maybe minimal or absent the respect for the rule of law will not change.