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Funds allocated for 50-bed will be put to other use

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economic Development clarified the use of the European Union funds allocated to the Government of Belize for the Health Sector. In a release, the ministries stated that the funds which were initially to have been used to fund a 50-bed energy efficient wing at the Western Regional Hospital will now be used for another project. Why? According to the release, the vetting process had to go through several screenings within the EU structure. In the meantime, the MOH proceeded with developing and submitting the necessary documentation for an estimated eight million Euros investment for the infrastructural components within the allocation for the health sector. During subsequent visits by the European Union to Belize and in close consultation with MOH and MOED, the final focus of the health sector initiative was placed on the upgrading of Health facilities to meet SMART and ‘Green’ standards. That means now that the focus will be on upgrading health facilities including hospitals and the Central Medical Laboratory to meet safety criteria for patients and medical staff, upgrading of the Health Information System and strengthening of organization and management of health services. The European Union has approved the project to the tune of ten point five million Euros and the official signing of the agreement will take place in the first quarter of 2018.