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Future Shock shines at 2018 Basketball Campeche Cup

The members the Future Shock basketball team was awarded today for their exemplary performance at the 2018 Basketball Campeche Cup Championship games that took place last week in Mexico. The team was recognized and highly praised for their win by the National Sports Council of Belize in a short ceremony today that was followed by lunch. Their Coach, Clinton “Pulu” Lightburn says that since the team came together, they have not lost a single game and he couldn’t be more proud.

Clinton Lightburn, Coach, Belize Future Shock: “Future Shock has a record of 40 and O in basketball, that is in Belize and in the Yucatan, we have conquered the Yucatan. We have won the Bacalar Cup, the Yucatan Cup, the Campeche Cup, the Bulldogs Classic and now we are on our way to win the Amadiyah Classic in Belize. Hopefully with the support of the National Sports Council the Future Shock family and the people of Belize will be represented again at the end of June in the Cancun Cup which I think and Believe and which I know we will win.”

The team members come from different neighborhoods in Belize City, most of these are troubled areas. Despite their challenges, the boys found refuge in sports and excelled.

Markuest Arnold, Co-Captain, Belize Future Shock: “Where I come from is around Euphrates and it is kind of hard to be positive because you grow up around negativity. So when you try to make a change there are persons who are trying to bring you down and not wanting you to achieve your goals. I was like Christian, I didn’t know how to play but then my bigger brother took me to Mr.Leslie and he was always there behind me to help me achieve. When  you are broken he would give you advice to never give up and so I decided to follow what he said and this is where I am.”

Christian Velera, Co-Captain, Belize Future Shock: “When I was younger I couldn’t play basketball that much but then my friend told me about Bull Dogs Camp and St.Johns and he helped me to improve in my game and then one night I was hanging with my friend and coach brown came to me and said I would go to Chetumal to represent Belize.”

Brandon Vasquez, Team Member, Belize Future Stock: “Basketball taught me different things from home, school and has taken me to another level. When you go to Mexico it’s a different feeling than when you play in Belize. I played on two national teams and my next goal is to win the Cancun Cup in July.”

And the National Sports Council has been watching and following the team closely. Director Ian Jones says they are interested in extending the program.

Ian Jones, National Sports Council: “Right now if you notice there is some construction going on next door to the Marion Jones that will be the home of Future Shock it will be a multipurpose complex, it will have two wooden courts and like I said from the sports council our commitment to the Belize Future Shock is that will be the home of Future Shock. I don’t know how possible it will but we would want to extend this program.”

Orson Elrington, Board Member, National Sports Council: “Sports teaches us some important lessons, the lesson of hard work, the lessons of discipline and the lessons of team work and I think that in capturing the Campeche Cup you young men have exhibited those features.”

The team is now preparing for the Cancun Cup scheduled for June of this year.