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Fyffes Gives Aid to Belize’s Banana Producers

Reports reaching Love News is that the banana industry has been suffering major losses due to the recent drought situation that the country was experiencing.  The drought had reportedly caused the bananas to not mature properly thus not meeting the requirements of the international banana distributors.  As a result, the Mayan King Banana Farm have been forced to dump loads of bananas in the various neighbouring communities, making them available for the taking from the residents in the area.  As much as fourteen tonnes of bananas in one truck load have been discarded and that amount would usually disappear within ten to fifteen minutes as they are carted away by the villagers.  Some good news for Mayan King Farms, however, is that Fyffes Company, one of the biggest distributors in the world, is offering some assistance to them.  This financial aid from Fyffes, according to John Zabaneh, will allow them to keep their one thousand two hundred employees and to meet other expenses.  With the recent rains, it is hoped that the banana industry will see better days ahead.