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Gabriel Hope of Bernice Yorke Institute Leads in PSE Results

The Primary School Examination Preliminary Results 2015 were released this evening by the Ministry of Education. Gabriel Hope, is the Top Performer. He scored 386 points and hails from Bernice York Institute of Learning. Love News spoke to Hope to get his reaction to finishing in the top position.

Coming in second was Carrell Moralez of San Narciso in Corozal. Moralez received 380 points. Sahil Hotchandani of Belize Elementary School placed third with 379 points. Seven students from Bernice York Institute of Learning and Belize Elementary each placed in the top 26. Most of the top performers are from the Belize, Cayo and Corozal districts. According to the release, a total 7,325 candidates registered for the PSE of which 7,223 candidates actually sat all or part of the exam this year. Among these candidates, 25 are private candidates.PSE numbers for 2015 record a 3.0% decrease in the number of test candidates registered over 2014. One hundred and sixteen candidates were absent for all or part of the exam. 201 candidates had an Ungraded or No Response for one or more parts of the examination. We’ll have more on the results in Tuesday’s newscast.