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GAF Trails Media at the Sarstoon

A trip led by The Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage to the Sarstoon yesterday went uneventful surrounding the common practice of hostility by members of the Guatemalan Armed Forces.  There was one Guatemalan military vessel that showed up but the boat captain, Wil Maheia who also heads the Belize Territorial Volunteers was not intimidated by it.


Well I mean when we came into the river there didn’t seem to be any action and within a few minutes of coming up the river the Guatemalan military brazenly put their boat in the water and showed us that they can bully us in the fact that they came into Belizean waters, they came on the north side of the Sarstoon Island which is clearly in Belizean waters and I hope that the government will do something to protest to the Guatemalan government that that is not right. You can’t just come into our territory with your armed forces it is totally wrong and I hope that the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the CEO in the Ministry of National Security does something about it. You all had all the cameras there, you saw the Guatemalan armed forces coming over into the Belize side and had no regard for the Belize Military, no respect at all and I think the Belize Military deserves some respect and they can’t just be there and have the Guatemalans comg into their yard as they see fit so something needs to be done about that.”

Aside from the trail initiated by the Guatemalan Armed Forces (GAF) yesterday, the Forward Operating Base on the Belize side was quiet and we did not have to check in before going further down the Sarstoon River.

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