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Galen Scholarship named in honor of Omar Ortiz


During the Galen graduation ceremony, Provost Doctor Eve Aird asked for a moment of silence for former Vice President Omar Ortiz who lost his life in a highway accident. A scholarship fund was created to keep his memory alive and honor his dedication to education. His widow Lizette Ortiz spoke about the funding and their pledge to keep the scholarship alive.

Lizette Ortiz: Omar also believe that one of the keys to become a successful and productive individual was the importance of getting a good education and so I am honored today to announce that my children and I have created the Omar Ortiz scholarship foundation. This foundation will encompass two scholarship per year for students transferring into Galen with an associate’s degree. The scholarships will focus in degrees in education, accounting and entrepreneurship which were three things Omar was very passionate about. This foundation was designed to allow students to focus on school rather than having to work and by providing them with significant stipends, academic advising, tutorial support and mentors which will all ensure that these recipients will have the resources to be able to succeed, we would like to acknowledge that Galen University has also contributed to the part of the foundation by contributing the initial two scholarships to the foundation for the year 2018, 2019 and for this we thank you immensely. We the family will be donating the second set of scholarships for 2019, 2020 and have committed to continue with the scholarship program there after by raising funds with the assistance and support of Omar’s close friends and sponsorship from the private sector.


Ortiz died in a road traffic incident on the George Price Highway on August 31, 2017.