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Galen University Introduces Dame Minita Scholarship

Galen University has introduced its Dame Minita Gordon scholarship in light of her service to Belize and her memory.

Galen University has introduced its Dame Minita Gordon scholarship in light of her service to Belize and her memory. One female who has completed her Junior College Education can continue her journey in education by applying for the scholarship. The full academic scholarship is set to commence in September 2021. Dorian Barrow, Dean of the Faculty of Education spoke to Love News on the importance of this scholarship and why education was the designated field.

Dorian Barrow, Dean, Faculty of Education

Dorian Barrow, Dean, Faculty of Education: “I was delighted when our board of directors and our board of trustees approved the recommendation of a scholarship honoring the late Dame Minita Gordon. Dame Minita Gordon as we know was our first Governor General, was our first female Governor General and so the scholarship has some connection to that. Dame Minita Gordon prior to her life as Governor General was very very active in education. She was a teacher essentially in spirit and in practice, she actually taught at the Belize Teachers College training teachers as a matter of fact she convinced me in 1972 to go into education when I took my very first course with her in educational psychology. So the scholarship is to honor her passing and the service that she have rendered to this country and it is a two year scholarship, it’s going to be a continuous scholarship two years at a time and it is for the student who has successfully completed sixth form junior college and wants to pursue a degree in education and the reason why we chose education is that that was the field that the Governor General was most passionate for. We are also sort of emphasizing that this is for a female applicant and the applicant has to be of course a person who shows academic promise over her two years at sixth form and there also has to be a level of need so there is need and this whole thing of academic excellence”

The idea of the Dr Dame Minita Scholarship was presented by Dr Rene Villanueva who sits on the Board of Directors at Galen University.