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Galen University Launches the Doctor Dame Minita Gordon Scholarship Program

The annual Doctor Dame Minita Gordon Scholarship was launched at Galen University on Thursday. It is named after Belize’s first post-Independence Head of State, who died on January 1, 2021 at age 90. Chairman of the university’s Board of Trustees Doctor Rene Villanueva Senior spoke at the launch.

Dr.Rene Villanueva, Board Chairman, Galen University: “We here at Galen strongly believe in developing Belize and in giving back to our community by promoting sustainable development in all we do. Through this scholarship we will be helping a deserving Belizean to accomplish her dreams. In this case a young woman Cassiana Lind from the Cayo District. I always believe that true education is intelligence plus character, words spoken by Dr.Martin Luther King “Education is not just knowledge but a holistic approach being knowledge, skills and attitude.” It is taking the knowledge you have gained and applying it to make your respective environments better. It has been proven that countries that are most productive are engaged and training their citizens, prompting them for success. As an educator Dr.Dame Minita Gordon believed that the power of education could change lives and enhance a person’s livelihood.”

The first recipient is Cassiana Lind from the Cayo District. If her name sounds familiar, that’s because you see her twice per week as the moderator of the Ministry of Health and Wellness’s program “Up 2 The Minute”. Lind expressed her gratitude for being the first person chosen to receive the scholarship.

Cassiana Lind, Dame Minita Scholarship Winner: “I am very proud to be standing here today as the first ever recipient of the Dame Minita Gordon Scholarship. When I had first found out that I was the recipient of the Dame Minita Gordon Scholarship my emotions could not be contained because I literally prayed so much for this. I am honored and humbled. If I were to stand here today expressing everything I felt we would probably be here until night fall, maybe even break curfew. This is truly one of the life’s greatest blessings that has been bestowed upon me and I am forever grateful for it. I thank Galen University for allowing me this opportunity and I guarantee I will strive for excellence in every facet of life at Galen and outside of Galen. Galen University in my opinion is truly leading by example by doing their part to keep the legacy of important figures in Belize’s history such as Dame Minita Gordon alive through education.”

Governor General Froyla Tzalam, who also spoke at the event, gave this piece of advice to the winner.

H.E. Froyla Tzalam, Governor General of Belize: “When the going gets tough that is when you need to find that inner value of hard work and pride and reach out when you need to but know that others have set the path and you now have the challenge of following and I think you will do so. There is almost an  assumption that when we start something we will always succeed, it doesn’t always happen like that. That is not the failure. The failure is to ask for help, to take a break and continue your goal, that is success. I have never known anybody that says ‘I got it right the first time, no problem.’ No. Then something, I think, is wrong. Could be, I don’t know. That has not been my experience some Ms.Lind I believe that Galen has chosen you for the right reasons and so without knowing it you now are also a trailblazer. You are also a pioneer and therefore a role model for women just like how the recipient’s name holder was. You are basically continuing her legacy.”