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Gang leader Joseph Babb executed on New Year’s Day

Reports of the third murder came in just after seven o’clock last night.  Joseph Babb was executed on Blue Marlin Drive in Belize City. Babb is said to be the head of a gang in Belize City. Police are still looking for shooter and motive.

DCP Chester Williams: “We have our theory where this murder is concerned but we have not been able to confirm it so we are not going to reveal a motive at this time but the CIB personnel are on the grounds investigating and trying to see what can be uncovered in order to be able to assist in the solving of this homicide.

Following Babb’s execution, the Police department senior officials met to set up measures to avoid the escalation of violence in the city.

DCP Chester Williams: “We know that whenever we have gang related murders there is always a chain of murders that happen thereafter. It is our hope that the efforts that have been put in place will prevent that from occurring but I would also like to appeal with the general public to work with us and to bear a little patience with us and bare a little patience with the strategies that we will employ to ensure your personal safety. It is not a matter that the police will solve alone. As the Prime Minister has said in his New Years message the fighting of crime spans beyond the police and it must incorporate the collaboration of other Government agencies as well as other Government partners and so it is our intention to be able to collaborate with those social partners to find some lasting solutions to the fight of crime particularly in south side of Belize City and so for 2019 we will be doing a lot of collaboration with social partners and anyone who may want to be a part of the solution to see how we can together fight the scourge of crime from within our society.”

In an interview done late last year, Babb was said to be one of the key figures in trying to bring peace in the area.