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Gang Leader Slain Under the Wadani Shed

Well known street figure, Gerald Shiney Tillett was gunned down on Saturday night in Dangriga. The incident unfolded at a popular hang out spot in that municipality. Correspondent Harry Arzu filed this report.


“36-year-old, Gerald Tillett, leader of the George Street Gang in Belize City was shot and killed in Dangriga while three others sustained gunshot wounds. Reports are that a large crowd of people was socializing underneath the Wadani Shed located on the corner of St.Vincent and Mangrove Streets here in Dangriga when a lone gunman walked into the crowd and opened fire. Tillett who was apparently the intended target sustained a gunshot wound to his head while David Rodriguez, owner of the establishment was shot to the side of his chest. Also 36 year old Carlos Sharp received a gunshot wound to the center of his chest and the alleged shooter sustained gunshot wounds to his back and stomach. The victims were rushed to the Southern Regional Hospital and later to the Western Regional Hospital except for Rodriguez who was treated and released. Sharp is currently in a critical condition undergoing surgery in Belize City. Love News spoke to one of his nephews.”


“My uncle Carlos Sharp is a general manager for two prominent companies in the tourism industry here in the Stann Creek district. He had a promising career. He got injured in a shooting incident at Wadani Shed here in Dangriga. We would like it to be known that Wadani Shed is a place of recreation where he usually goes to play dominoes. It’s unfortunate what happened. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I would like to say that is not affiliated, nor any of his family members,  with any gang activity and we are praying for his recovery knowing he is in a critical condition. It is obvious that he was not the intended target, he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.”


“Police continue their investigation into this recent incident.”