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Gang Members Shot by Police with Rubber Bullets in Belize City

Police in Belize City have stepped up their response to crime as the gun violence continues in the old capital. Yesterday evening our newsroom received reports where gang members, namely, Earl and Hubert Baptist were reportedly shot by Police on Police Street. Some hours later, the Police Commissioner, Chester Williams issued a public notice indicating that the police came under attack by a mob in the area who were blocking officers from doing their jobs. Police were reportedly in search of a suspect for a recent shooting in Burrell Boom. Upon arriving at a residence on Police Street, officers spotted the suspect whom they saw fling something in the nearby bushes. With the mob coming at the Police, an officer was reportedly forced to fire rubber bullets at one particular man. Police later searched the area where the suspect threw the object, and found one point-forty -five pistol along several rounds of ammunition. In light of the attacks on the Police, Police Commissioner Chester Williams took to social media, and wrote, quote, “As we witnessed the difficult circumstances under which the police must work and the kind of people we must deal with. I call upon our citizens to be patient and supportive of our efforts as we try our best to ensure your safety. We cannot allow a hand full of criminal to hold us hostage in our community. Together let’s work to keep our community free from the scourge of crime.” End of quote.