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Gang Related Murders on the Decline

And while the police continue to investigate the latest murder, being that of Jerson Carballo, ACP Williams says that the numbers of gang related murders for this year as compared to previous years have reduced. He says the numbers for April and May are down.


Well the comparison for this year is below the historical trend. For the month of April we had three murders none of which were gang related. We had three in the month of May none of which were gang related so we are seeing different types of murders manifesting themselves as opposed to the ones that we are accustomed to; the gang related murders we are seeing those reduced significantly but other types are manifesting themselves and so we have to try to see how we can eliminate those but regardless of that the numbers for May and April is lower than the historical figures.”


Of course the man who determines whether they are gang related is also the adjudicator or the architect of the gang truce and I have that in quotes so then we can’t really trust you because you will not publicly undermine the peace which you are the architect of.”

Voice 1: You have done your due diligence and have ascertained and can confirm with certainty what I am saying that the murders are not gang related..