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Gang Retaliation leads to another Murder

Police in Belize City are investigating the fatal shooting of twenty-old Deidron Dennis McKay. Johnelle McKenzie has the story.

Another man has been killed in Belize City. The incident occurred on Friday, November 3at approximately #19 Haynes Street. Deidron McKay, 20years of age, was at his sister’s home socializing with family and friends when he met his demise.  According to the police report, he was approached by an unknown male person who fired several shots at him which caused the fatal injuries. McKay received a gunshot wound to the abdomen and one to the right lower back.  This morning, the police department held a press conference where they shared particulars of the incident with the media.

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal, Commander, Southside Belize City

“Dijon McKay 20 years who was socializing at #19 A’s Lane and he was along with seven other persons at the time and at some point, he decided to move to the front of the property. Upon doing so he was confronted by an individual who fired several shots at him a total of 7-8 shots. Mr. McKay subsequently died as a result of those injuries. This matter is under investigation we are looking for one person in relation to this matter.”

The family is in shock and disbelief that their loved one met such a tragic end. Nats Smith, sister of the deceased spoke to Love News about the untimely death of her brother.

Nats Smith

“We were socializing at the back of the house and as usual as we do and my little brother came and he was always giving jokes, he was the topic giving jokes eating his biscuit and all of a sudden he just left us. He was standing at the back by the time he was going through the gate we just heard the shots. When I saw my brother he ran and when he ran he hit crashed into me and when he did that I saw his shirt was red. He fell and blood was gushing from his mouth and he was so frightened. His eyes were opened wide frightened.”

Smith said that her brother had a steady job working at Smiling Meat Shop for the past three years.

Nats Smith

“He worked at the Smiling meat shop. He was a nice person and an inspirational person. He loved going to church, he loved his coffee in the afternoon. He and I used to quarrel about that when he came to my house because he said I must make his coffee but my brother didn’t deserve that. He was a mentally challenged person, they chanced him out of his life. He didn’t deserve to die like that. But for me and my mom our family we are leaving it up to God. Let him deal with it”.


Police believe that McKay’s murder may have been a retaliation to the shooting incident which occurred on October 29, where four persons were injured on Neal’s Penn Road.

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal, Commander, Southside Belize City

We know that the last incident involved some players from one of the key gangs and subsequently, we anticipated that there would be some level of retaliation which we eventually saw over the weekend. So yes it is a gang rivalry situation that we are looking at.

McKay was the youngest of six children. This is Johnelle McKenzie reporting for Love News.