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Gang Rivalry is the cause of Mahogany Heights Shooting Incident

There was a shooting incident that occurred at one of the communities along the George Price Highway.  The police say there is a gang rivalry as well in Mahogany Heights but the victim was able to walk away from that incident.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “The second shooting took place at about 1:30 at Mahogany Heights.  Mr. Rodwell Cutkelvin 51 year old Security Guard was riding his motorcycle on an unnamed street in the Mahogany Heights area along with another male person and whilst they were travelling towards the George Price Highway a male person who was standing on the roadside fired several shots at their direction causing him to receive an injury to his right hand. He was admitted, treated and discharged on the same day. We understand that it is a dispute among two gangs that are based at Mahogany Heights which had caused this shooting and other previous altercations at Mahogany Heights.