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Gang rivalry led to Norman Gibson’s murder

A woman is in police custody answering questions pertaining to the murder of twenty-year-old Norman Tyron Gibson. The Belize City resident was fatally shot on February 9 while at the corner of West Collet Canal and Hicattee Streets. Head of Belize City Crimes Investigation Branch, ASP Alejandro Cowo confirmed this morning that Gibson’s murder is gang-related.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC, C.I.B., Belize City

“Police is following that investigation, they were able to retrieve surveillance footage within the area. At this moment we are looking for a vehicle and also a female was detained and she is presently being questioned to see what information we can gather from her and what that can lead us into the investigation; she lives at one of the neighborhoods the but I cannot tell you if she is affiliate of that gang.  It’s based on the investigation that we have been carried out interviewing persons and on the footage that we had retrieved. We follow certain information that led us to that female there. We are still looking for two other persons we believe that were involved in that shooting. The investigation is pointing out that it was a feud between the two gangs here in Belize City, two of the gangs in Belize City.”

Police are looking for two others persons for questioning.