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Gang rivalry in Orange Walk results in two more men being shot on Christmas Day

Two men are injured in another shooting incident in Orange Walk Town. ASP Alejandro Cowo of the Crimes Investigation Branch says that, again, the incident is connected to an ongoing gang rivalry in that municipality. ASP Cowo says the shooter was on a motorcycle when he ambushed 21-year-old Senon Reyes and 28-year-old Llamont Wade on the morning of Christmas day.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Belize Police Department: “Just after 7:30 in the morning Orange Walk police visited the Northern Regional Hospital where upon arrival they observed two male persons, one by the name of Llamont Wade and the other one by the name of Pablo Senon Reyes- both of them had what appeared to be gunshot wounds to the body. What police gather so far is that Mr.Reyes and Mr.Wade were socializing at Mr.Reye’s residence on Muffle’s Street and whilst they were coming out of the residence and approaching the gate a male person of Hispanic descent approached them and fired several shots at their direction causing the above mentioned injuries to them. Lamont Wade suffered a gunshot injury to the butocks and the next one a gunshot injury to his right foot. Both were admitted however they discharged themselves that same afternoon from the hospital.”

Reporter: These are known gang affiliates ?

ASP Alejandro Cowo, Belize Police Department: “They are known to police and again as I mentioned at the last briefing it has to do with the same shooting that happened previously in Orange Walk Town among the same rival groups. It is a dispute that has been happening since the death of Tremenios or even from before so that is the angle that we are looking at and you know it’s that feud among those two gangs in Orange Walk.”

Police say they suspect that this shooting is in retaliation to the previous incident in which 22-year-old David Diaz was shot and injured on Sunday December 23rd.  Given the situation in Orange Walk, ASP Cowo says the department has deployed a group of officers to patrol Muffles Street.