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A Garifuna Exhibit and Presentation to usher in Settlement Day

On Thursday night the Embassy of Mexico in Belize launched the Retrospective art exhibit which featured Pen Cayetano. The celebration of Garifuna culture continues with a celebration tonight at the Mexican Cultural institute in Belize City. The Cultural Attaché for the Mexican Institute, Diego Sapien told Love News what attendees can expect tonight.

Diego Sapien, Cultural Attache at the Mexican Cultural Institute: ” Tonight we are having a Garifuna Settlement Day celebration here at the Mexican Cultural Institute. This is our third year working with the National Garifuna Council of Belize City and we are very proud and very honored to have them here at the Mexican Institute. We are also having an award ceremony for the people who support to promote the Garifuna Culture in Belize City. We are going to have traditional Garifuna music, traditional Garifuna food, also professor Sebastian Cayetano will be doing a historic round on what is Garifuna Settlement Day celebration in Belize and why it’s celebrated and why it’s so important to keep the Garifuna culture in Belize City. The event starts at 7pm, we expect people to come in at 7pm. It’s free for everybody, the food and drinks are going to be free too so we want to help to promote the Garifuna culture here in Belize City.”

Tonight’s free celebration to the public is the part of the Embassy of Mexico to Belize’s effort to continue to highlight Belizean culture, particularly on the occasion of Garifuna Settlement Day.