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Garifuna Farmers Market Project inaugurated

Paul Mahung reporting

The project coordinator, CEO and founder of Wagia Garifuna Foundation Mountain Spirit, Dr. Anna Arzu spoke to Love News.

Dr. Anna Arzu

“We heard from Sever de Castro who is our consultant; she is a knowledge management consultant who is helping us document this event in a tangible form so that our children and grandchildren can see it. We had an overview of the market, planning it out how it’s going to be all of the farmers got to participate. We also imagined into the future as to what people can expect from the farm, what people can expect from the Watchari project itself and the kind of support the Watchari movement is giving to Garifuna farmers who want to return back to the land. We also opened the Watchari Organic Agricultural Institute and that’s part of the Watchari Program that is going to offer education, workshops, training, Organic Certification and all kinds of support for Garifuna farmers who have land and want to use the land in a sustainable way by feeding ourselves, and our community and hopefully entering the international market. Overall we also heard from Mr. Mana Mensa; the founder and director of the Belize Organic Organization that’s working with us. We have their total support and he gave us the reassurance of how we will begin by formulating our farms and making sure that our soil is good and making sure that are markets are straight and just really learning and re-learning about what it takes for our people to participate in the Organic Market of Belize and the World.”

Those presents at Saturday’s event were from Barranco, Punta Gorda, Georgetown, Hopkins, Dangriga, St. Bight, Belize city and San Ignacio as well as Garifuna representatives from the USA. Persons interested in becoming members of the Garifuna Farmers Market Project can kindly contact Dr. Anna Arzu phone number 600 3873.