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Garinagu Aspires for Land Rights

Dr. Palacio also discussed the possibility of the Garifuna People owning their resources and the land they live in as is the case of the Maya communities in the south. He stated that in that manner, the people will be able to combat the poverty they live in and better protect their resources.


“The United Nations declarations and even before the declaration had said that you have rights to own your land, you have rights to own your natural resources that are based on the land so again to bring it to the case of Barranco we have land, we have lots of land around the village many of them have titles but because we haven’t had a feeling of ownership over the land as well as the natural resource then we haven’t been taking advantage. So the solution here is what are the resources on the land, there are quite a few: logging there is a lot of logging taking place around the village right now but the concessions were given by the government not to people from the village but to people from other parts of the country who come to the village and take away the resources, bring them to other parts and export them or other. Restitution in that case means that we need now to talk to the government and to have some plan, if there are going to be concessions given within the plan of restitution they should be given to the people of the village not to political appointees.”