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Gas Station Employee foils robbery

Glaring daytime robberies are becoming alarmingly too common.  This morning at about 8:30, CP Gas Station at the northern entrance to Belize City was the site of a robbery that was botched by a brave Gas station employee who struggled with one of the gunmen. Assistant Superintendent of Police Alejandro Cowo briefed the media on the crime.

Asp Alejandro Cowo: The Manager reported that he was inside of his building when two male persons entered; one armed with a firearm.  As a result he struggled with one of the male persons and during the struggle he was hit several times on his head causing an injury to his head. Fortunately nothing was stolen from the gas station.

Reporter: Wow! he struggled with the; he is a brave persons; would you advise on that course of action. We know that people are tired of being taken advantage of; that place has been robbed many times.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: Well if it was me, the money could be made any time but my life can’t come back.

The police department stresses that it is not recommended to put your life at risk for objects that can be replaced.