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Gaspar Leaves Politics Due to Family Security

We told you earlier that yesterday’s convention came about as a result of Gaspar Vega resigning from the seat of First Deputy Party Leader for the UDP.  Vega says that one of the main contributing factors for that decision had a lot to do with the security of his family since they had begun receiving threats over the incident with his opponent, Ramon Munchi Cervantes.


“I think that was the biggest factor. I would always hope that politics never gets to that extreme in Belize. I would never encourage it because we want to ensure that the democracy and the freedom continues to prevail. I sincerely believe that 15 years of my life for my country; I’ve paid my dues. We still have police security at my house and every now and then we are still concerned about the security of the kids.”

Vega says that there are no amends to be made between he and Cervantes.


“I never had a personal contact with Cervantes so I don’t need to mend anything with him. I took him to court for what he attacked my character for and the court has not yet come up with a decision but again that is up to the court. Him and I, I don’t think we need to talk about anything because we never spoke about anything.”

Cervantes had accused Vega for involvement in the murder of his father in Orange Walk.