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Gaspar Vega Weighs in on the Politics of the North

As we mentioned, yesterday’s convention was a result of Gaspar Vega’s resignation as the First Deputy Party Leader of the United Democratic Party.  Vega was at the ITVET to vote as a delegate and to render support for John Saldivar.  With the special convention taking place to find his replacement, Vega spoke with the media.


“Looking at the forefront my first priority is for me that I deliver to my constituency which if Orange Walk North and I’m committed to that. I’m going to stay for the rest of the term to ensure that my constituency gets all the support, attention that I have been able to deliver in the past eight or nine years and at the end of the day that is what I believe is my commitment.”

Vega went on to speak about the future of the Orange Walk constituencies since he will not be seeking re-election and thus he may not retain the political influence he currently holds.


“Me, if I don’t run again that doesn’t mean that no one else can’t come in. I’m certain that there are people with the same capacity or even more than I to pick up from where I am leaving and to continue the movement towards betterment for the constituency and by extension the country.”

As you heard, there are no names being thrown out yet as a replacement for Vega.