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Gateway Youth Center gets evaluated by the Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education has conducted an evaluation of Gateway Youth Center.  The institution aims to provide a productive future for school dropouts.  Supervisor of Secondary Schools in the Ministry of Education, Leticia Eck explained why Gateway was chosen.

Leticia Eck Supervisor of Secondary Schools, Ministry of Education: “Gateway really was a preliminary exercise and we chose that and we really chose that because from another workshop; the different initiatives that were selected were chosen almost like best practices. We had to choose one from that list and we work with Gateway. Gateway works or functions under the Ministry of Education so it was a little easier for us to work with that particular initiative. The results we equate are positive.”

Eck also spoke on the results of the evaluation.

Leticia Eck Supervisor of Secondary Schools, Ministry of Education: “We found and I must say the first one would be very high transition rates and that was one of our indicators that we were looking at. We were quite happy with the high level of transition which is one of the goals of gateway to transition students into lower secondary education, getting them into a secondary school or into vocational technical institution or even to work and we saw a very high level of rate of transitioning happening there. We saw a very positive, healthy climate which is considering the area in which it is located which certainly would be one of the things we would like to be duplicated perhaps in another part of the country. Unfortunately one of the setbacks is the fact that once these students leave Gateway Youth Center they are no longer in that very cradled environment that Gateway provided for them. They move into a different environment where the support is not there anymore and unfortunately that is where we have seen the high dropout rate happening after transition.

The core sponsor of the project was the United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) along with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which also played an important role in the technical advisory committees.