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Gateway Youth Center holds fifth annual Health Fair

As the saying goes, “health is our greatest wealth” and for many it is not until they come down with an illness that they are concern about their health.  Gateway Youth Center has been encouraging youths to engage in health lifestyle from a young age so that they can live longer.   Love news caught up with center at its fifth annual fair, which was held today at the Battlefield Park. Love news spoke with Erolyn Sebastian, the Counselor at the center, who said that the fair was made possible with the assistance of their partners, such as the Belize Red Cross and the Diabetes Association.

Erolyn Sebastian – Counselor Gateway Youth Center: “It is something we do every year just to give a gentle reminder to the public of the importance of health.”

Johnelle Mckenzie – Reporter: “ Now talk to us about some of your partners out here today?”

Erolyn Sebastian – Counselor Gateway Youth Center: “Well out here today we have members from the Red Cross, we have BCVI, Oceana,The Ministry of Health, Dentistry Department and the Diabetes Association. We have about fifteen different organizations out here today. Gateway also has our sports instructor doing an obstacle course for the young children. We have psychologist Deshane Gutierrez out here and that is the mental aspect of it, We have counselors from the community rehabilitation center which is also the mental aspect of it. There is the Belize Diabetes Association so that is the physical part and we also had yoga instructor out here, I guess that could be considered mental, physical and spiritual healthy practicing.

Johnelle Mckenzie – Reporter: “Any nurses and any doctors?

Erolyn Sebastian – Counselor Gateway Youth Center: “Yes, we have nurses from VTC so we are doing HIV testing.”

Today’s fair was held under the theme “Health is wealth”.

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