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GCF Engages in Climate Change Mitigation Plan

The Ministry of Economic Development, Belize’s National Designated Authority for the Green Climate Fund, announced that the Climate Finance Unit is engaging in the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) initiative. This plan was devised to address the current and future impacts of climate change on the agriculture sector in Belize and to provide specific adaptation measures to diminish the impacts. The CEO of the Ministry of Economic Development, Dr. Osmond Martinez explained the importance of this technical support.

Dr.Osmond Martinez, CEO, Ministry of Economic Development: “For example in 2018 we had the issue with drought in the agro productive sector,  we need to learn from it and I don’t think we should repeat that problem again. So there are many studies that will be done in order to see how we can mitigate such problems caused by climate change. There is also an impact on the coastal areas you know we have a problems of erosion from the northern part of the country all the way to the southern part of the country in Barranco and then we have issues like with erosion in Monkey River. When you look at Monkey River in the past it was almost a town, now it’s just a few families living there and every day we have issues with erosion so these are studies on ways for adaptation but also for mitigation of climate change.”