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General Elections 2015 Described as Peaceful

Election Watch 2015, organized by Love FM and Love Television, saw at least sixty two correspondents around the country, reporting from every division.  Those reports kept the activity on the phone lines and internet channels quite busy since the opening of the polls at 7am.  Prior to the elections, the national security forces were already briefed and prepared on their roles on Election Day and were assigned to various parts of the country, with an increase in officers at the areas where some levels of discontent were anticipated.  The two areas being watched were the northern and western parts of the country.  Notwithstanding the few scuffles and confrontations that occurred in the towns of San Ignacio and Orange Walk, the election process was quite peaceful.  There was an incident involving a firearm that occurred in the Orange Walk South division in the evening after the polls had closed but no one was reported injured and it was the firing of about three gunshots in the air.  Earlier today during separate press conferences held by Dean Barrow and Francis Fonseca, they both expressed gratitude for the carrying out of the elections yesterday without incident.