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George Price Bust Unveiled in Belize City

A ten-foot monument topped with a bust of Belize’s first Premier, the Right Honorable George Price was unveiled this morning at the entrance to the George Price Highway; a fitting location for solid twenty five thousand dollar reminder of the man dubbed the Father of the Nation, the Right Honorable George Cadle Price.  Mayor Bradley who led today’s official ceremony spoke to the media on the reasons behind this gesture.


“I think that when we speak of the legacy and importance of George Price, it’s a legacy that benefits all of us as a Belizean nation and I think that at this present moment when there is so much going on in our country, it is very timely that we would do this so that we would lift up an icon of nationalism, as a person who defended Belizean sovereignty and also as a sign of unity for Belizeans so that I think it is quite opportunity and it is a fitting theme that we would do this and it would be a UDP Mayor that does it, in celebration of the Father of Belize’s Independence, Father of our nation and someone who was of a different political party to send a certain message that at certain times in our history we need to be unified across party political lines and we need to appreciate and recognize that George Prize is the father of all of our Belizean nation and that we need to celebrate his legacy and we need to encourage the values and principles that he lived by; humility, selfless service, love of country, devout faith in God. These are principles that are very healthy for us to have in a national debate around citizenship and how to move our nation forward.”

Meanwhile, Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno spoke at today’s gathering on the importance of this installation.


Family members of the late Right Honorable George Cadle Price were also in attendance at this morning’s event.  The bust was done by Stephen Okeke while the base was designed by IE Designs.