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Gerald Henry is running for President of the PSU

Gerald Henry Jr., stationed at the Auditor General’s Office as Examiner of Accounts – Grade Two, is aspiring to be the next president of the Public Service Union. Henry will have the opportunity to run for the presidency at PSU’s Annual General Meeting, which takes place on June 1 in Dangriga.  In a video, he laid down the goals he would pursue if given the opportunity to become the president.

Gerald Henry Jr. – Candidate for President of PSU: “I am aspiring to be the President of the Public Service Union at this years A.G.M. on June 1st in Dangriga. I possess an Executive Masters Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Public Sector Management. Being a career public officer has provided me with a wealth of knowledge on the issues that are affecting our public officers today, however as a Union in order for us to address these issues we must have lobbying power, therefore one of my main goals is to significantly increase the membership of our union. I believe that I am able to do so because countrywide I am well respected for my honesty, integrity and my firm belief in fair play. I also believe that I have the vision and the passion necessary to move our union forward as we approach our hundred year anniversary. As well as President I will bring transparent and accountable leadership to our union. The team from my presidency is PSU2k powerful, stable and unified.”

Other candidates include the incumbent President Dareth Obermayer and Mario Caliz. Once again, the elections takes place on June 1 in Dangriga.