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Gerald Mendoza wins Fantasy 5

Gerald Mendoza has been faithfully buying Fantasy 5 since it began. Mendoza finally got lucky in January when he bought the winning numbers 12, 27, 03, 29, 01 and letter A. Fast forward almost two months later and Mendoza has gone to pick up his winnings.  A very shy Mendoza spoke to the media about his winnings.

Gerald Mendoza: “I don’t feel any way. It just gives me a piece of mind in this challenging economy. I am a self employed person and I will use it for that. I started playing with the mindset to win it one day so it wasn’t a surprise.”

Karil Wallace, Public Relations Officer for Fantasy 5, says the winning numbers were drawn on January 5.

Karil Wallace Public Relations Fantasy 5: “The Jackpot was at $226,000 and there was a winner that time and that person did not come in to claim. The winner is here now and they will be taking home after taxes $192,100. In regards to us knowing if somebody had won, definitely we had known and that is the reason why we have the sales part of as a draw. When it comes to the sales that is computerized where it is in a database where we can tell if there was a matching ticket to the numbers that we drawn and that is in our database. From then to now we also had another winner between January 5th. To present that we did have another winner which hasn’t come in to claim there prize as yet either.”

Fantasy 5 continues tonight and those who enter to win will have a chance of winning two hundred and thirty thousand dollars.