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German National killed in San Pedro

This morning, around seven o’clock, police in San Pedro responded to the discovery of the body of a male person at an unfinished building. ASP Alejandro Cowo shared what the Police had gathered so far.

“Sometime after 7 am, this morning police from San Pedro visited the corner of Pearl Street and Cocoplum Street, it’s a two-story building that is under construction where on the first floor they found the body of a male person with a large cut wound to the head. The person was identified as Raymond Adam Cobbler a 52-year-old German National. The information received so far is that the last time he was seen alive was last night sometime after 10 pm at his residence by one of his neighbors. The information we have was that he was last seen by his landlord sometime around 10 pm he was talking to him and sitting on the house veranda when the landlord went inside and that was the last time that they saw him. Where he was found is just a block away from where his room is. He has been here for almost five years based on the records on his passport.”

Police says that Cobbler has been living in Belize for five years.