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Giovanni Jones to be sentenced on manslaughter for 2019 killing of Howard Coleman

Giovanni Jones, now about 29 years old, is to be sentenced for the killing of 58-year-old carver, Howard Coleman. Jones pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter for the incident that happened in the early hours of January 1, 2019. Jones’s attorney, Norman Rodriguez spoke to Love News today about the matter. 

 Norman Rodriguez, Attorney: “He was accused of murder, he was indicted for murder and the same thing for rape but that matter is done now. He made an offer to the crown to plead guilty for manslaughter and after some discussion on it the crown accepted the manslaughter and the murder was withdrawn and the rape was withdrawn. On the 22nd of July he will be sentenced. I will mitigate on his behalf presenting witnesses to speak on his behalf, they will look at the prison report, the impact statements and some other reports, social report and so on an from the thae court will believe will be able to get a better approach to sentencing him.”

Police said at the time that Jones, who was initially charged with rape, had taken a woman home. She is reported to have told Jones to leave, which he refused. A fistfight then ensued between Coleman and Jones and shortly after, Jones was accused of inflicting the fatal chop wounds to Coleman. Jones was accused of going back into the house and having sexual intercourse with the woman against her will. However, the murder charge was reduced to manslaughter and the rape charge was withdrawn. Jones will be sentenced on the manslaughter charge on July 22.