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Glenford Mossiah shooting is not connected with the Joseph Babb murder

Aside from the murders in Belize City, police are also investigating a shooting that left 45-year-old, Glenford Mossiah, injured on January 1. Mossiah was socializing with others in front of a house on East Canal in Belize City when a silver PT Cruiser approached and shots were fired from within the vehicle, hitting Mossiah multiple times. It happened around eight o’clock last night not too long after Joseph Babb was killed. So far, police say, there is not enough evidence to prove that both incidents are connected.

DCP Chester Williams: “We don’t have any evidence to suggest that the shooting of Mr. Mossiah at Waxhouse have any connection to Joseph Babb’s murder. One might want to say that but there is nothing to suggest that that is the case.”

As a result of the recent incidents, the Police department is extending operations that had been launched for the month of December 2018. Acting Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says that they are extending the operations up to January 15 to ensure that the department maintains control before scaling down to its routine operations. CEO of the Ministry of National Security, Retired Colonel George Lovell attended today’s press brief and said that while the department is concerned over the recent spate of crime, the January one murders do not speak to any sign of “public terror”.