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Global Entrepreneurship Week Commemorated with Beltraide Convention

Global Entrepreneurship Week is celebrated for one week in the month of November, each year.  It is a week put aside to celebrate innovators and job creators who bring business ideas to life, thus contributing to the country’s economic growth.  As a participant in the recognition of entrepreneurs, the Small Business Development Centre (SBDC Belize) at BELTRAIDE, the first national entrepreneurship convention also known as ENTRECON (Awn-tre-con) was held this morning at the Belize Training and Employment Centre on the ITVET compound.  Nilda Riveroll is the Manager of SBDC Belize and she spoke to us on the event.


“The convention aims to bring together in one spot a network of different entities such as academia, financial institutions, business support agencies along with the entrepreneurs so the objective of the convention is an information sharing meeting where presentations are carried out with special speakers in the area of access to financing and ease  of doing business for this year. Next year we plan to come up with a different objective where it could be innovation since we are pushing for more innovative products in the market in terms of our mandate to foster enterprise development in Belize.”

Listed as the Keynote Speaker is US entrepreneur, John Binkley who incidentally is in Belize for a separate series of workshops but had volunteered to partake in this morning’s program.


“Dr.Binkley has merger and acquisition companies across the US and he has been awarded #1 award winning merger and acquisition company with over $10 Billion dollars in business deals. Dr. Binkley is delivering a special motivation speech for our entrepreneurs here today as well as for our other stake  holders. He will be delivering a ten minute speech because he is here with a group of facilitators that are promoting a series of workshops that will conclude tomorrow. We have CEPROMISE which is the regional center for the promotion of micro small and medium enterprises in the CICA region. Other speakers include the US embassy they will be talking on access to grants through the US embassy. We also have La Imaculada Credit Union talking on the programs that they have as it relates to accessing financing. We also have the Development Finance Cooperation. We also have a special second motivational speaker who is Michelle Usher who one of the managing directors of Builders Hardwar who said yes when we invited her to give a few remarks.”

Riveroll told Love News what Beltraide is hoping the participants will take home with them once the convention concludes today.


“One of the key take away from this convention is the launch of our National Entrepreneurship strategy, the access to information that the entrepreneurs will have, why because we have brought together business support agencies, financial institutions, the academia is here so it creates a platform of opportunity for the entrepreneur where they could create that network, build on it and move forward as it relates to accessing services from all the stake holders to push their business forward.”