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Goalkeeper Woodrow West off to Honduras

Last week Belize’s premiere goalkeeper Woodrow West signed up to play with a professional team in Honduras.  Today West left the country and we were at the Philip Goldson International Airport. He told us it is a bittersweet moment however it is a step he must take to move up to the next level.

Woodrow West, Goalkeeper

“The multiple offers was from Honduras, about three or four teams approached me from three years ago. Every year I had someone calling me to go play in  Honduras and this guy Ruben from San Pedro had a link for me in Salvador and like I said, just due to my contract with Bandits I couldn’t make those decisions but recently since I signed my new contract, Ruben still contacted me and said the guys from El Salvador still wanted me so maybe I could be in Salvador next year or whenever but for right now I am focused on making my grounds in Honduras and give my coach the confidence because that’s the hardest thing as a player, to settle down and play football that you know you can play so that’s my challenge for right now and I am focusing on that.”


Are you excited for the new challenge?

Woodrow West, Goalkeeper

“Yes I am excited; it’s a whole new level, a whole other atmosphere, more professionalism. I think it’s my level that I have always wanted to be. I think I am going to be fitting exactly how I should and like I said, it’s just the preseason that I am kind of scared about because I have already gone through that because I know how it feels to train three times a day, two to two hours and a half per training so that’s the difficulty that I am going to face but I am ready for it.”

West signed his contract fresh off helping Belize qualify to the third round of the World Cup qualifiers.